Foldable Push Up Board


Foldable push up board is an innovative color-coded push up board training system that strengthens and shaping your entire upper body, targets specifics muscles worked-chest, shoulders, back, and triceps

With the help of adjustable stops, you can simulate the grip used on parallel bars, as well as focus on different muscle groups by changing the grip.

The push-up platform allows you to increase the amplitude of the exercise, and therefore, increase the load on the muscles.

Using the platform, you do not injure the joints of the hands, as in the case of push-ups “on fists” with a comparable load.

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The color markings on the platform for installing stops are divided by muscle groups:

    • Red – Shoulders
    • Blue – Chest
    • Green – Triceps
    • Yellow – Back


    • Material: high quality plastic.
    • Dimensions: 32.5 x 20.5 x 8.5 cm
    • For 4 muscle groups: back, shoulders, biceps, triceps
    • Features: anti-slip board coating
    • Made of abs plastic, which has excellent strength and durability


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