Double Wheel AB Roller


Looking for an easy way to develop your abs? The AB Wheel will work your upper body, targeting your abs, shoulders and arms helping you achieve a toned body.

The dual wheels offer great stability during hard workouts, is fitted with soft, foam-grip handles and made of durable materials.

The AB Wheel offers a great upper-body and core workout that you can do in your own home.

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  • Just Exercise 5min Daily to Reduce Your Tummy
  • Young to Old, Anyone Can Easily Do This
  • It Will Also Strengthen Your Core Body Muscles
  • Builds Six Packs Faster Than Any Other Machine
  • Form Handles For Easy and Anti Slip Grip
  • Stay Healthy With Double Wheel Ab Roller


  1. Isometric Pushup (feet)
  2. Roll Out (hands)
  3. Pike (feet)
  4. Walking (feet)
  5. Hip Ups (feet)
  6. Alligator Walk (feet)


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