Zeemar Non-Stick Fry Pan 26CM


Double layer alluminium coated pans for the ultimate non-stick finish.
Hard-wearing, non-scratch, non-flaking, easy-to-clean surface.
The pans are made from durable aluminium and so are exceptionally light and easy to use; feature heat-resistant handles.
Use less fat or oil, bringing out the foods natural flavour, yet the food just slips out onto the plate.
Require no pre-heating and are suitable for all types of cookers.


  • Environment friendly materials.
  • High-quality aluminum body.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • The heat-conducting base spreads the heat equally across the pan.
  • Easy to clean / suitable for dishwashers Suitable for all cookers (electric, glass-ceramic, gas, induction)
  • Made in india


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