Wall Mounted Roll Holder


After the installation, the wall-mounted roll holder can be stored from the front easily and comfortable. It is suitable for all commercial roll sizes

Two closed containers offer space for aluminum foils and cling films. A compartment is for freezer bags. In addition there is dispenser for Sellotape as well as a box for small pieces where rubber bands, drawing pins, paper clips or clips for closing can be stored

Nice to have everything to hand: aluminum foil and cling film, kitchen roll, spices

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  • Proven roll holder for 3 rolls
  • Extra storage shelf for spices
  • Removable kitchen roll holder with integrated roll brake
  • Neat cutting edges thanks to razor-sharp blades
  • Foil ends always ready to hand
  • Width of the roll holder: 39.5cm
  • Takes rolls up to 36.5cm


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