Wall Hung Toilet Brush


Automatic opening and closing design The new lever principle, take out the automatic opening lid, put it in the automatic closing lid, more convenient than other toilet brushes and toilet bowl scrubber.

Our toilet brush base is wall-mounted and designed as breathable. Quick-drying and easy to clean. Simple storage and space saving.

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This Wall hung toilet brush design is the biggest feature that distinguishes this New Silicone Toilet Brush from others. The unique design can prevent the base from overturning and keep the bathroom tidy. The compact size allows it to be used in narrow spaces

Can be used for sinks, washbasins and bathtubs, as well as all ceramic plastic glass surfaces and so on..


  • The high-quality material makes it easy to clean and does not produce peculiar smell.
  • Scratch Proof therefore, use it in the corners and crevices for deep cleaning
  • Ergonomic handle, easy to clean, comfortable to hold and non-slip.
  • Silicone bristles can be deeply cleaned, will not rust, also reduce the frequency of replacement
  • Hole at the bottom of the bracket can drain water to keep it hygienic.
  • Hanging type, easy to hang and disassemble, suitable for use in the bathroom
  • Durable and easy to clean after use.
  • No broken bristles, no hair and other dirty stuff entangled


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