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Spice Bottle With Spoon


Condiment Pots with Spoon Spice Jar with Spoon and Lid is not only a sugar bowl, the container can also use for kitchen to store salt, seasoning, spices and condiments.

Moisture-proof cover spoon integrated seasoning bottle The lid is easy to handle and more convenient. The lid has a sealing effect to protect against moisture.

It is a perfect addition for home and kitchen.

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  • Made of high quality materials, so it is durable.
  • With this bottle in your kitchen, your kitchen will be more organized and orderly!
  • Keep the seasonings in a clean container and avoid insects from the start.
  • A great tool to help keep your kitchen clean.
  • Integrated spoon and lid for easy access.
  • Material: PP resin, glass, silicone
  • Capacity: 250 ml
  • Style : Spoon
  • Size: about 6.5*16.7cm/2.56*6.57inch
  • Weight: about 230g


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