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Silicone Rubber Back Scrubber


Silicone Back Scrub Bath Shower is composed of two sections with different thickness and the other side is an elliptical structure. You can scrub different parts of the body in the bath as needed.

Increased length, and silicone has a telescopic function making it easier to scrub the back

Out of Stock!


This Silicone Rubber Back Scrubber is made from silica gel, healthy and environmentally friendly, soft, safe and non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, not easy to crack.

  • The surface with soft intensive brush hair can be used to clean body; the ball-shape granules surface can be used to massage.
  • Widened design helps you to reach Your Entire Back.
  • Handle design. Thicken grip for easy holding with two handles without slipping and to quick dry after use.
  • More Hygienic than Loofah, Helps Your Skin Release Metabolic Waste and Toxins while scrubbing.



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