Portable Juice Blender


Portable Juice Blender

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New Generation Glass Mini Juicer- portable and great for traveling, shopping and outside sports. Best for those who loves juice and also healthy lifestyle! Freely mix various kinds of fruit , vegetables based on your own taste(juices, smoothies,milk,ice cream). Truly Portable and Conveniently- Small size, portable, low noise,super blade,high crushing rate,multi-use and used as both juice blender and water cup Can mix all fruits and vegetables together. Healthy and Environmentally- Friendly- Use new and nontoxic PP/PC material,environmental protection glass fruit cups. Compared with other sellers, healthier than plastic. Can mix all fruits and vegetable together It uses safe switch that can ensure the safety. Save Time- Quick speed, can make a cup of juice within 1 minute. Recommendation fruit cut into small pieces.