Personal Scale Small


  • About this item LED display with light, Battery & Temp Indicator in Screen, Body Design : Round Digital Capacity : 180 Kg, Accuracy (gm) : 100+_, Thickness : 6~8mm Color : Transparent with Colored Strip, Automatic On Off functionality High Precision Sensor, Overload & Low battery Indication Kindly weigh only on a hard surface and weigh yourself at the same time each day without meals and without footwear. Repeated weighing is not suggested.wait for 5 sec then place your feet in the centre of weighing scale. Please read the User manual provided before using the product. Note: Do not weigh under the strong wind of the fan and Do not weigh with wet feet otherwise the sensor will give wrong readings.
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  • High accuracy for precise weighing
  • Strengthened glass surface to bear human’s weight
  • LCD screen display with four digits for easy reading
  • Auto zero clearing function to get ready for another weighing
  • Low power consumption for energy-saving
  • Support automatic shutdown


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