Pasta Maker (Stainless Steel)


The pasta machine is very convenient and practical to use as it requires no battery or electricity to use.

The mechanism of this pasta machine makes it very convenient to use and is equipped with a rough and fine cutter for making a different type of noodles

Make any of your favorite pasta dishes at your home anytime and make the dinner an eating fest!

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Made of sturdy stainless steel body and anodized high carbon steel roller and cutter

  • Durable construction, perfect for making a range of fresh homemade pasta dishes
  • Space saving, easy to storage
  • Adjustment knob makes it easy to determine the thickness of your pasta
  • ABS anti-slip handle, durable and comfortable
  • Metal steel fixing pliers, firmly fixing the pressing machine on the horizontal table


  • 150 mm Wide Pasta Roller
  • Roller: 1 to 6 Adjustable Thickness Settings
  • Pattern A with 2 Steel Cutting Blades: cuts noodles of 2MM – 5MM.
  • Pattern B with 3 Steel Cutting Blades: cuts noodles of 2MM – 9MM.
  • Cuts Dough in Various Thicknesses from 0.5 to 3mm
  • Removable Arm Handle and Removable Table Mount Bracket for Easy Storage
  • Adjustable Roller Makes Flat Pasta for Ravioli and Lasagna, Steel Cutting Blade Makes Fettuccine, Spaghetti & Linguini


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