Measuring Oil Bottle (500 ML)


Simply press the silicone buttons on each side of the dispenser and your contents are transferred to an easy-to-read measuring chamber before you pour

You can spot the exact amount you want without using a separate measuring cup or spoon

It’s an innovative solution for dieters and those who would actually like to make a sensible salad, without going overboard on the dressings.

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  • 17oz / 500ml press & measure oil or vinegar dispenser
  • Press / measure / pour
  • Introducing a dispenser set that allows you to measure the precise amount of oil or vinegar desired.
  • Safe for fridge or shelf
  • Easy to clean / re-use and recycle
  • Press, Measure and Dispense
  • Allows you measure the precise amount of Oil or Vinegar desired
  • Safe for Fridge or Shelf
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Can be re-used


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