Manual Kitchen Scale Plastic


Analog Weighing Manual Kitchen Scale Plastic Weighs Up to 5Kgs. It can be used in kitchen to measure ingredients weight to make that perfect dish according to your recipe.


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A great addition to your kitchen that is the Manual Kitchen Scale to save your time at kitchen weighing ingredients.

  • The sturdy & durable plastic design helps to use this scale for a longer period of time.
  • Accurate & easy-to-read averaged sized numerals.
  • The scale is equipped with a detachable tray that is easy to clean and is spacious.


  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions of the Main Unit (Height x Width) 10 x13cm
  • Dimensions of the Detachable Tray:17cm
  • Capacity: 1kg/5g, 2kg/10g, 3kg/25g, 5kg/40g
  • Material: Plastic body + Pan


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