Manual 360* Spinning Hand Beater


Semi Automatic Manual 360* Spinning Hand Push Beater is Perfect for mixing sauces, marinades, eggs, cake batter, pancake mix, and more. Its Effortless 360* Spinning allows fast Mixing and Blending. Highly durable and a worth possession for your kitchen.

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Perfect for beginners and professionals with a smooth and perfect blend of perfect batter, egg beats, and whipped cream. Designed for quick, comfortable and easy mixing. Simple and convenient structure saves time and easy to store with less space.


  • Dishwasher safe or just whisk it clean in soapy water, rinse and pat dry
  • Efficient & Less effort
  • Handheld Egg Beater
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Semi-automatic Eggbeater Manual Self Turning Stainless Steel Hand Mixer Blender Egg Tools
  • Hand Push Whisk


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