Lotus Herbals TEATREEWASH Anti-Acne Oil Control Face Wash – 120gm


To get a clean and clear face, Lotus Herbals Teatreewash Tea Tree & Cinnamon is the best face wash. It is made especially for acne-prone and oily skin and helps to remove extra oil from the skin to make it brighter. It regulates the oil secretion to protect you from breakouts. This face wash makes the look of the skin fresh and renewed. It cleanses the face properly to keep away pimples and acne. This face wash is rich in antioxidants to remove toxins from the skin and protect it from the infections. It provides the natural benefits of Tea Tree Oil, Oak Bark, and Cinnamon. With the regular use of this face wash, you will get a youthful look and elastic skin.


  • Suitable for oily skin to make it oil-free
  • Cleanses the skin thoroughly and effectively
  • Makes the skin youthful and supple
  • Have healing and astringent properties


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