Light Room product Shoot Box


Soft White Surface Ensures A Soft And Evenly Uniformed Light Without Leaving Unnecessary Shadows Or Reflections On The Shooting Object.

Portable & Foldable, It Is Easy To Carry Along & Can Be Powered With A Usb Power Adaptor (Not Included) Or Power Bank (Not Included).

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  • Portable mini photography Lightroom helps you shoot high quality images.
  • Can be folded and put into an envelop. You can literally build up a photo studio within 5 seconds.
  • Foldable design, Easy for carrying around.
  • Good for photographing small items, such as toys, jewels, and watches, etc.
  • Supplied with 4 backdrops (black, white, Green, Red) to suit your needs
  • Button structure, easy to assemble.

How to use:
1. Unfold the Lightroom
2. Install the Lightroom according to the button position
3. Connect the LED strip with your power supply by micro USB cable
4. Select a backdrop that fits your item


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