Kumarika Therapy Range Damage Repair- 70ml


Product details of Kumarika Therapy Range Damage Repair- 70ml

  • Stay beautiful the natural way.
  • Having been blessed with beautiful complexions and luxurious black hair.
  • Best ways to keep things beautiful.
  • With all natural ingredients based products which are also in line with our culture and heritage.
  • And it’s all made possible by Sri Lanka’s favourite herbal beauty care range, Kumarika.


Kumarika Therapy Range – Damage Repair – Hair oil

How To Use

Use the selfie comb applicator to apply the oil on to the scalpMassage gently with your fingertips and leave for at least 20 min.Oil will deeply penetrate to your scalp and hair and nourish from withinLeave for minimum before washing offFor best results apply 2-3 times a week “


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