Kottu / Dough Cutter – Stainless Steel


Whether you’re a professional or home baker, you will love the versatility and efficiency of this stainless steel kottu/dough cutter.

Featuring a firm, sharp and sturdy blade with an easy-grip handle, this handy kitchen gadget means less frustration and faster preparation.

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Easily chop, scrape, divvy up, and lift dough and other foods. The straight-sided rectangular blade of this dough knife is ideal for chopping and dividing prepared cookie, pasta, and pastry dough.

Use this hard-working, multi-tasking bench scraper to clean flour and crumbs off your block or counter surface, dice vegetables, chop nuts, herbs, and more. You’ll even have measurements right at your fingertips, as this kottu/dough cutter has etched ruler measurements for quick reference.


  • Simple and Modern style
  • Comfortable, smooth rounded handle provides extra control
  • Made of heavy duty Stainless Steel, Nontoxic & Dish washer safe
  • Quick Various Measurement ,Help to make equal portions
  • Just rinse the dough kottu cutter with water, wipe dough cutter with a clean cloth after use


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