knife sharpener with Suction Pad


Smart Knife Sharpener with Suction Pad Base is safe and secure with blades locking technology, effortless sharpening with inbuild zinc blades within seconds.
Suitable for sharpening kitchen knives, scissor & bread knives, etc…

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Extremely hard tungsten sharpener for durability and effective for easy operating and protective cover will prevent the user from any accidents with suction pad for stable use (max load weight 12kg)

  • Knife sharpener is at 20° angle for precise cutting edge consistently every time.
  • The strong suction cup keeps the sharpener in place and allows to sharpen the knives one handily.
  • Handle locks and unlocks the suctions to keep them in place or move them anywhere else needed.
  • Small in size, but exceptional in sharpening the knives, perfect to be carried during camping and island hopping.
  • Sharpens kitchen knives, and anything and everything with blades, even serrated ones!

How to use

  • pull up and fix the sharpener in a flat surface
  • pull down the grip to lock the sharpener by the suction pad
  • place your knife on sharpener at the base of the handle and slowly draw back the knife
  • pull back the grip when you are done.


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