Kids Piano Play Mat


Various pendants, let your baby fall in love with sports, strengthen stretching and kicking athletic ability, and inspire your baby’s brain energy and musical ability

Thickened breathable cushion, it’s comfortable and safe for baby.

Healthy and high quality material, the cloth can be washed with water.

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  • Four kinds of play, suitable for different age groups.
  • Tummy play to enhance the baby’s waist and neck development.
  • Soft comforting music at night can make baby sleep faster.
  • Hands and feet to touch the bell pendant, to promote arm and leg muscle development.
  • Baby sitting music fitness stand, enhance baby music, language and hand-eye coordination.
  • Fun music plays when it’s on, and there’s a piano keyboard.
  • Mini projector with blue light, It can project star and moon on the wall.
  • High resilience foam bracket, it’s durable and safe for baby.
  • 5V USB input, so it can be charged by power bank, convenient to use it outdoors.
  • Thickened breathable cushion, it’s comfortable and safe for baby.
  • Promote muscle development
  • Auditory development
  • Tooth development


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