Junsui – Face Wash With Whitening Papaya Scrub – 100g


Junsui Natural face wash helps protect the skin from germs, removes blackheads , sebum, whiteheads. This contains yam bean extract that help brighten the skin. This is a foaming scrub that helps remove dirt and excessive oil.

Further this helps maintain skin’s natural moisture balance. Also this keeps the skin feel fresh and look healthy

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  • Gently removes dead skin cells
  • Making your skin look radiant
  • Keep your skin’s natural moisture
  • Keeps your skin fresh & healthy
  • Protects skin from germs
  • Remove blackheads, sebum, whiteheads
  • Contains yam bean extract – brightens skin
  • Foaming scrub type; Removes dirt and excessive oil
  • Maintaining skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Keeps the skin feeling fresh and looking healthy


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