Hair Trimmer Pro Gemei (GM – 737)


The Gemei Gm-737 Professional Trimmers is specially designed for precision cutting with unique angular blades that provide optimal clipper coverage and you can reach even the most difficult spaces.

Ideal for those who every morning prefer to adjust the beard without wasting a lot time.

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Get the immaculate shave every day with this rechargeable trimmer for men from Gemei. Use this trimmer to trim your hair and to shave. This cordless trimmer is easy to use. It can be recharged with the charger provided with it.

It features high precision zero-overlap blades for superior speed and a convenient variable thumb lever for adjusting the taper and texture without changing the blade. Designed for smooth, quick, and precise performance on all types of hair.

  • Excellent Clipping Function
  • Perfect Streamline Design
  • Ergonomically shaped body powerful motor.
  • Detachable stainless steel blades.
  • Powerful Motor with a Replaceable rechargeable battery.
  • On/off switch and Charging indicator.
  • Wireless Operation, Cordless, Easy to Use


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