Glass Oil Bottle With Flip Lid


The Glass Oil bottle is perfect for any kitchen or table. Ideal for infused olive oil, vinaigrette, salad dressings and more, they will always be close by when eating.

The oil dispenser bottle allows for easy controlled pouring and minimal over spilling. Keeps liquids leak-free and fresher, longer.

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The oil bottle with flip lid is a must have for your kitchen that will bring a classy feel to any table. Clear glass olive oil bottles won’t absorb flavors or odors.


  • Made of lead-free glass, is the best container for oil, sauce, vinegar, wine.
  • Transparent body, convenient to identify the liquid and see the level.
  • One hand operation, easy to open and close the bottle cap by gently pressing the lid.
  • With Wave point at the bottom, effective anti-skid.
  • Great kitchen helper, help you enjoy a healthy life.
  • Dishwasher safe.


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