Gatsby WG – Hair Gel


Gatsby Water Gloss Soft for those of you who have stylish hairstyles today or random hairstyles according to your activities.

Gatsby Water Gloss Soft is suitable for short, medium and long hair. Has the advantage of being suitable for use in all types of hair without damaging your hair

Gatsby Water Gloss Soft also does not make hair dry and makes your hair easy to arrange.

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  • Gatsby Water Gloss Soft Holding Power Hair Gel Level 2
  • Wet-look shine and supple flow plus compact shape with no hard setting
  • Powerful set that keeps hairstyle firmly in shape
  • Creates Natural & Extreme hairstyles
  • Gives a natural shine to hair
  • Easy to wash off
  • Styling ingredient binds hair closely together – hold hairstyle for several hours
  • Non-sticky smooth to the touch


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