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Folding Hanger


Folding Hanger is a perfect closet space saver, one single hanger can hold 9 garments(up to 30lbs), use it vertically, you can save over 80% space in you closet.

You can store multiple garments on a single magic hanger, keeping clothes organized and neat while saving space. Organize and maximize the use of your closet

When you hangs this space saving hangers horizontally, you can put the same style clothes together and easily find what you are looking for

Out of Stock!



  • Save 80% Space!
  • Can hold 9 garments
  • Built from heavy duty, solid reinforced PP material
  • Durable and sturdy enough to hang light coats
  • Keep Your Wardrobe Organized and Neatly
  • Ergonomic design of the hanger, will protect your value clothes well


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