Foldable Telescopic Stool 4.0


With the mobile telescope stool you have a safe seat anywhere. Its telescopic mechanism works like an accordion, simply reach into the recessed grip with your thumb and index finger and pull the base and seat apart. The lock automatically locks at the desired height.

Turning the foot and seat in opposite directions releases the locks and allows the seat to slide together.

Transport is also very easy, either with the rip-proof handle or the practical shoulder strap.

The mobile telescopic stool is equipped with a non-slip floor. It is weather-proof and water proof. Due to its wide foot it does not sink in sand or loose ground.



  • Light, Rectractable, Collapsible, Adjustable height
  • Suit for camping, climbing, BBO, Fishing, Concept, Line, Game, etc
  • New thickened double clasp


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