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Fish Shaped Frying Spoon


Fish Shaped Frying Spoon is Made of food grade stainless steel.  Safe to use and its rustproof, durable and will last long.

Meet the culinary needs of different groups of people, Useful for frying of food quickly with the use of  its smooth edges and separating oil from food.

Length: 30cm, suitable for most cooking utensils. Round ergonomic handle for easily holding, Reduced heat transfer will not burn your hands easily.

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Elegant and simple stainless steel metal color ,this strainer colander ladle must will bright up your kitchen and your mood. Avoid food hygiene caused by residual sewage in the gap after cleaning. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe, adapt to the rhythm of contemporary life.

PERFECT ADDITION TO ANY KITCHEN – 13 Inch Frying Strainer Spoon is Specifically Designed to Scoop or Skim any Hot Liquids while frying. Holes of 1/2″ in Diameter allows for Quick & Easy Straining of Oil while transferring your fried foods.

Perfect for Straining Oils from French fries, vegetables, meat after frying. Strainer does not dissolve in hot oil when scooping up the food.

Easy to handle and comfortable to work with; Dishwasher safe, clean it after use for long lifetime


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