Cord Holder Clip (4 Clips Per Set)


Clip Cable Organizer holds cable plug outlet and perfect for organizing power cords, network cables, audio cables, video cables, and cable runs, in data centers, at the office, or at home

Suitable for all cords – Mounts up all kinds of cables for general household appliances like rice cookers, microwave ovens, as well as gadgets and devices.

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  • Nail-free and drill-free for easy installation
  • Paste firmly, can’t fall off
  • Convenient to use, convenient to take, easy to use
  • Excess wire can be wound up neatly.
  • Tidy and orderly: simple to hang, reduce interlacing clutter, reduce potential danger
  • Two-way storage space-saving: both sides can be hung to save space
  • Strong load-bearing: can be firmly turned in a humid environment
  • Suitable for all kinds of smooth walls, except gray walls and strong wallpapering.


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