Classic Wick Stove – 3 Liters


Classic Wick Stove Saves up to 25% Kerosene Oil. This Wick Stove is of 3L and with 10 Wicks.

Accessories With Stove

  • Special Kindler for Lighting the Stove
  • Plastic Funnel to Fill in the Kerosene
  • Flame Extinguisher

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  • Classic Wick Stove 3L
  • Perfect for cooking while Camping
  • Leak Proof Kerosene Tank / Multi Wal Burner
  • Strong Casing And Stable Pan
  • Support Smooth Wick Control Lever High
  • Thermal Efficiency.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 3 L
  • Number of wicks – 10.


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