Cereal Dispenser


Single dispensing technology uses a soft paddle wheel that keeps flakes fluffy as they tumble down and dance into their bowls.

It is never a good time for cereal time in your household, use these cereal containers to dispense nuts, legumes, and more non-cereal consumables.

These dispensers double up as dry goods dispensers so you can store and pour everything from nuts to granola to a variety of candy, beans, rice, and more.

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  • Wall mounted cereal dispenser
  • Great for cereals, rice, beans, pasta and more!
  • Dispenses approximately 1 ounce of dry food with every twist of the knob
  • Each canister holds 7.5 ounces of dry food
  • Transparent bottle body
  • Save counter space
  • Just press to get them out with no mess.
  • Easy removal and refilling


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