Bathroom Plastic Triangle Corner Shelf With Hooks – (XX)


Get this fantastic shelf organizer rack for your kitchen or bathroom. Multipurpose usage and makes full use of wall space. Paste without a trace, easy and effortless. Moreover, a triangle shape fits easily to any corner – besides, a hollow design with quick drain function.

However, ventilated and a breathable storage rack with hooks underneath. Therefore convenient to hang hair ring and other small items.

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The corner shower caddy suction cup works great in the shower/ bathroom/ bathtub/ countertop/ kitchen, and more. This light shelf can withstand up to 3 kg, thus your shower items such as shampoo, soap, shower gel, cosmetics, hair conditioner can put in one shelf easily.


  • Multipurpose: This corner shelf can be used for the kitchen and washrooms or any other room for storage purpose. 
  • Drain Design: Drain design is much useful for the bathroom. Drain holes allows to dry it immediately.
  • Hanging Hooks: Organizing rack has a special feature of hanging hooks underneath. Any small stuff like bath sponge or hair accessories can be easily hanged below. 
  • Suction Cup: Stick this shelf directly through suction cup. No need of tools or drilling. This robust shower corner rack suction cup works best for non-porous, impervious, smooth surfaces such as glass, mirror, polished metal, stainless steel, plastic board, wall tile, coarse granite, etc. 


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