5 Floor Stackable Thermal Food Cover Set


Too many dishes to put on the dining table?
Too many flies and insects attracted by?
Food on the table cool down too fast?

With a creative stackable food cover, these problems can be solved in no time!

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  • Stack and cover the food in a simple and space-saving way
  • Buckle design of each layer enhance the stability of staked food cover
  • Better thermal insulation compared to standard food cover
  • Stand-alone storing layer with individual sliding door separates each dish thus prevents food smells mixing together
  • Transparent sliding door enable you to find the food at a glance
  • Wide door opening design, very easy to take out and store the dishes
  • Aesthetic design top cover handle making it easy to grab
  • Effectively keeps insects away from food
  • Hard and durable, does not break easily


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