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3 Pcs Sink Tidy Set


This 3 Pcs sink tidy set consists of a single-pressure soap pump for hand soaps and lotions, as well as a storage bin with separate compartments for storing a brush and a sponge and a bottle of rechargeable soft detergent.

Scrub the space around the sink with this multi-purpose sink storage set, its sleek, compact design maximizes the tight space behind most sinks while remaining practical.

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Organize Your Kitchen Sink Area With this Stand Perfectly Crafted For Kitchen Sink Area. Very Innovative Design to Store All Daily Needs For Sink Work Like Dishwasher Liquid, Brush, Cloth, Soap, Sponge Etc.

Simply unscrew the caps of your soap dispenser and detergent bottle and fill them with your favorite liquid hand and dishwashing liquid. The unit is fully disassembled for easy cleaning.

  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Perfect for daily usage
  • Satisfied and convenient product
  • Super Quality Built Using Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic Virgin Plastic Material.
  • Highly Stable, Sturdy & Durable. Space Saver
  • Entire unit can be dismantled for easy cleaning.
  • Hands wash only – Do not overfill soap dispenser above the top of the fins inside


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